Lisbon Wines



Lisbon Wines

When it comes to magic and alchemy, the first image you think of is a medieval setting, aromatic herbs and mystical potions, but there is as much of it in wine as our imagination can suppose.

Wines are in fact one of the articles that most arouse curiosity, timeless and full of tradition, even when modern, good wines bring in their aroma and flavor a story, like reading a good book, arouse emotions.

Is it necessary to be an expert to appreciate a good wine? What is a good wine? Well, if you’re not a student of the subject, here’s a tip: The region.

Lisbon is a perfect blend of all that we have already mentioned: magic, alchemy, tradition and modernity. The heart of Portugal, formerly known as “Estremadura” is of immense fertility when it comes to wine production. And just to know a little more, there are nine micro producing regions, which take the names of “Denominations of Origin”: Necklaces, Carcavelos, Bucelas, Alenquer, Arruda, Torre Vedras, Lourinhã, Obidos and Encostas d’Aires.

The diversity is so great that it is difficult to detail each of the specialties, but it is important to know that each carries, besides its name, a tradition, which can be noted from the label of wines, even the taste and aroma, for the savvy connoisseurs.

The central area of the Lisbon region, concentrating Arruda, Torre Vedras, Alenquer and Óbidos, has very high quality in the production of Touriga Nacional, Syrah, Trincadeira, among the reds and Arinto, Fernão Pires, Moscatel Graúde and Chardonnay.

Always take the time to read the wine label you are going to try, it is much easier to enjoy the fun times with a good wine, because in the end all we want is drink, love and laugh!


Michelle Correia

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